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Impacting La Crosse 

Since 1967, the La Crosse Youth Symphony Orchestras have provided opportunities for young musicians to grow, develop, and enhance the cultural environment of La Crosse. With over 100 performances through the lifetime of our organization and two full orchestras, we never stop looking for new ways to serve our community.


Senior Sendoff 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to recognize our seniors at our spring concert. Though this is not the same, we wanted to feature them here for their years of dedications and committment to LYSO!

Simone Toribio

"LYSO is an amazing collection of great musicians all over the La Crosse area. For me, it symbolizes the power of music to bring people together from all different backgrounds and areas. All of us may have different talents, interests, and backgrounds, but we all were pulled by music to come together and create beautiful music both for ourselves and for those watching. Personally, I love making music with other people, and LYSO has given me that opportunity to make music with people all around the surrounding region."

Henning Hanson

Favorite LYSO memory: performing the 1812 Overture with the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra in 7th grade.

Preston Withers

"I really enjoyed playing side by side with the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra at their December concert for the past two years. It was inspirational to be able to play with such an empowering group. The challenge brought on by the music we played in LYSO the rest of the year made for a thoroughly enjoyable experience too, and I have really appreciated being a member of the tight-knit brass section. I will never forget all of the fun I have had, and better yet, everything I have learned."

Viva Graff

"My favorite memory was the first time LYSO played with the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra for their Christmas concert in 2017. I was still relatively new to bassoon, so playing with professional bassoonists was very enlightening, and for the first time, helped me envision music as a viable career option for myself."

Agnes Falter

"Having played in LYSO since I was seven years old, I can hardly remember a time when it wasn't a big part of my life. LYSO has inspired me more than anything else in my life to become a better musician. Through it, I have met so many passionate musicians, played the best of the orchestral repertoire, and learned an incredible amount, all in a fun and motivating atmosphere. I would not be nearly as good of a musician as I am now if it had not been for LYSO. When I think of all the music I've played, the memories I've made, and the opportunities I've had during my time in LYSO, I cannot express my gratitude enough."

Katherine Bruns

"My favorite memories of LYSO have been playing with LSO for their Christmas concert. I especially enjoyed playing the Nutcracker. LYSO has been a great way to develop my musical knowledge and experience."

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