Thank you to our many individual and corporate contributors over the last 50 years. Without your support we would not be able to continue to give our youth such a great opportunity!



Your gift to LYSO keeps the music alive in our community! Your generosity provides essential support for numerous programs through the La Crosse Youth Symphony Orchestra as well as bringing unforgettable symphonic concerts and entertainment to the stage.

With your contribution to the La Crosse Youth Symphony come many benefits.

Gifts made as a tribute or memorial for friends or family are welcomed. 

LYSO is a 501©3 non-profit so your charitable contribution is tax deductible as allowed by law. 

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Special thanks to these community organizations that have provided major support for the 2017-18 season:


The La Crosse Area Youth Symphony Orchestras (LYSO) have grown and improved over the years. We have two remarkable orchestras that provide outstanding musical opportunities for students in elementary and high school from La Crosse and the surrounding areas.

Expenses continue to rise, and LYSO’s only predictable revenue stream – tuition paid by members and concert ticket sales – covers only a small portion of its operating costs. Therefore, we rely on contributions from individuals, foundations, and businesses to support our programs and help them continue to grow.

How does LYSO put your generous contributions to work?

  • LYSO is committed to encouraging the development of musical arts in area youth. We provide a full orchestra for more advanced students and a string orchestra for experienced, but less-advanced students. These orchestras give students the opportunity to play time-honored music and to surround themselves with peers who also value this type of experience

  • LYSO programs are sometimes the only opportunity for an orchestral experience for students in private schools, home schools, and in public schools that lack a strings program.

  • Students who successfully audition are admitted regardless of financial consideration. Scholarships are awarded on financial need regardless of age, ability, or previous length of time in LYSO.

  • In addition to rehearsals, students receive small-group sectional coaching from some of the finest musicians in the area including members of the La Crosse Symphony, school music teachers, and other professional musicians.

  • LYSO is run by an all-volunteer board. Other than the artistic staff, the only paid positions are the part-time manager and part-time business manager.

  • Students learn lessons that extend beyond music. Each section (first violins, trumpets, percussion, etc.) meets and works independently to support the goals of the orchestra as a whole. In this smaller section, as in the larger orchestra, students learn lessons in leadership, teamwork, social interaction, and more.

Your generous donation in any amount is needed and sincerely appreciated.

We thank you for your contribution to the La Crosse Area Youth Symphony Orchestras!

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Conductors Circle ($1000 and over)

  • United Fund for the Arts and Humanities

Benefactor (up to $1,000)

Patron (up to $500)

  • Margaret Grenisen & John Cochran

  • Douglas Howard

  • Kermit Newcomer

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  • Roy Campbell

  • John Kelly

  • Christine Saudek & Ronald McKelvey

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  • Pam & Greg Dome

  • Joan & Richard Marchiando

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  • William & Judith Blank

  • Marianne Buchanan

  • Maureen & Robert Freedland

  • Ron & Merle Gustafson

  • Barbara Hagedal

  • Joe & Pat Heim

  • Clare & Shari Jarvis

  • Nabil Kader

  • Chris & Jane Kerbaugh

  • Glenn & Elizabeth Knowles

  • Barbara Rice

  • Sheri Ross

  • Barbara Schultz

  • Margaret & Daryl Wood