Ruth B. Williams Musical Merit Award

Amount of award: $1,000

This musical merit award was established in December 2006 to encourage and perpetuate artistic excellence and promote musical enjoyment for future generation through education and concert performance. This award is given to a graduating senior who is pursuing either a career as an individual instrument concert performer or instrumental music educator of grades 6 -12.


  • Must have had active participation in LYSO for three of the past four years, of which the last year is mandatory.

  • Must have demonstrated proficiency in your chosen instrument.

  • Must be seeking higher education as either a Instrumental performer OR Instrumental music instructor.

  • Must apply for this award through application and statement as to how it will be used.


Money will be distributed in January of the following year upon receipt of proof of school studies.

Application must be received by LYSO by Monday, February 25, 2019.

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