Music Policy

Each LYSO member is assigned a folder at the beginning of the season; keep you music in this folder. Every player is responsible for his/her own folder and the music issued. Any lost or damaged music will be charged to the member’s family. Since replacement charges can run anywhere from $5 to $30 per part, you should handle your music carefully and return it on time. It is the member’s responsibility to be certain that he or she has all the music that has been assigned.

Members will be charged $5.00 for each original piece of music that is either not returned or is damaged at the end of the season. DO NOT use a pen, hi-liters or markers on any LYSO music – only pencil!

If a member loses their folder/music the LYSO charges $1.00 per page (for copied parts), and $5.00 (for original parts) for lost music (rentals or out-of print could be more).

A musician who has failed to return music or pay replacement costs will not be permitted to participate in orchestra activities until he/she has arranged for replacement of the music.

Music is entrusted to each orchestra member and must be handled with great care.

  • All outside string players in LYSO will receive original music; copies will be handed out to inside players.
  • Non-musical marking of the music is unacceptable
  • Folders will be assigned at the start of each semester and must be returned at the concert or as instructed. A musician not performing in the concert must return the music folder prior to the concert. Copies must be turned in as well as the original music. NOTE: the LYSO will not assume responsibility for personal items left in music folders.
  • Musical markings or notations should be made in light to medium pencil only. NEVER USE INK TO MARK MUSIC (even if it is a copy)!

If you need to borrow additional music during a rehearsal you must sign it out with the manager and return it at the end of rehearsal.