How we Communicate with LYSO Members


The best way to contact the business manager, the manager or either one of the conductors is through email.

Email Addresses are: 

Manager:  Kathi Millard –
Italiano Orchestra Conductor:  Randy Mastin –
Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor:  Mark Pomplun -

Announcements and Handouts

Announcements are frequently made at rehearsals, and things may be handed out at rehearsals. It is the member’s responsibility to make sure that parents/guardians are informed of these after each rehearsal.

Last Minute Information

When information changes at the last minute, LYSO will be in touch, usually through email. Also, the LYSO website ( will be updated often with any breaking news

Bad Weather Cancellations or Delays

All weather-related postponement and cancellation information will be posted prominently at the LYSO website. A message will also be on the LYSO telephone at (608) 788-0159.

If you live outside of the La Crosse area, your weather may be far different than in La Crosse. If we do not cancel a rehearsal, but you feel that you can’t get your child there safely, please call (608) 788-0159 to let us know you won’t be coming. This is a cell phone so it will be at all rehearsals.

LYSO Office

The LYSO offices are located in the manager’s home. The LYSO telephone number is (608) 788-0159 and calls the manager, Kathi Millard.  This is a cell phone and will be at all rehearsals, concerts and activities. The manager does not work any set hours and have other responsibilities beyond LYSO, so please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.