PARTICIPATION BY ALL MEMBERS IS MANDATORY FOR ALL CONCERTS, dress rehearsals and the last two rehearsals of each semester. If you miss any of these you WILL NOT be allowed to play the concert.

Any member missing the last two rehearsals prior to each semester concert or any part thereof, unless for a doctor’s excused illness or extreme emergency, WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the concert and possibly forfeit future membership. This will be determined by the conductor.

Our orchestras can only produce the highest quality performance when all musicians are in attendance. Unlike sports teams, we have no “substitutes” and our sound changes when musicians are missing. Therefore, all musicians are expected to attend every rehearsal. We do understand that school music events may come first; however, they do count as an absence.

There are only nine rehearsals per concert cycle. If excessive absences occur (more than three) participation in the upcoming concert is at the discretion of the conductor. The reason for the absence is not the issue; rather it is the absence itself and the subsequent lack of preparation. More than three absences per concert cycle will mean you are not as prepared as the others, and you may be asked not to perform in that concert.

All absences need to be submitted online (at the For Members page) at least one week prior to the absence. 

Personal illness and/or family emergency - absence must be submitted online prior to rehearsal (if possible) or call (608) 788-0159 and leave a message before rehearsal time.

If you are unable to play your instrument for any reason, you are still expected to come to rehearsal, take notes and stay “in tune” with what’s going on in your section.  

Arriving late or leaving early

A member will be considered tardy if not seated and ready to play when the conductor begins the rehearsal. Two instances of tardiness will be counted as one absence.     

Leaving early will count as half an absence.

Members must use the online absence form as soon as they know they will be tardy or have to leave early (at the For Members web page).